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Aastha- (Targets 7th course)

The Germinating phase: Interested, Dream full, Jubilant
Preparation for Olympiad.

Shardha-(Target 8th course)

The Nurturing phase: Confused, Invasion, Evolving
Prepares for Olympiad and Board Examination.

Nishtha- (Targets 9th course)

The Rooting Phase: Submerge, Decide and Devote
Prepares for Olympiad/NTSE/IJSO

Sadhana-(Targets 10th Course)

The Transformative Phase: Dedication, Discipline, Breakdown.
Prepares for Board Examination/ Olympiad/NTSE.

Sankalp-(Targets 11th Course)

The Graving Phase: Pledge, Memorize, Innovate
Prepares NTSE and Olympiad + IIT-JEE/NEET/ other competitive exams.

Nishchay -(Targets 12th Course)

The Hustle: Passion, Hunger, Grind
Prepares for IIT-JEE/NEET and all national level examinations.

Adira-(Repeater's course batch)

The rejuvenating phase: reform, rebuild, focus.
Prepares students of 11th + 12th, 12th passed- IIT-JEE/ NEET for reattempt.

Achira-(Crash course batch)

The Race: Drift, Balance, Head up Gear
Prepares for 12th- IIT-JEE/NEET/KVPY - improves strike rate and memory phenomenon.

Sampanna-(Capsule course batch)

The Destination: Lead, Revise, Surrender
Prepares only for board examinations + IIT-JEE/NEET and all national level examinations.
What makes Mindgurukulam a best choice?

1:1 scientifically designed mentorship program with National level Mentors...
Supported by BEST FACULTY, DETAILED & EASY NOTES, RETREAT PRACTICE SESSIONS… the best Investment you can make in yourself.

Career you’re passionate about is there for you

Whether your focus is on determining career direction, conducting a job search or improving work performance, you will have access to one of our expert career consultants and career tools.
1. Mindgurukulam mentorship:
To help them achieve milestones with personalized guidance, support and track for Board exams, IIT-JEE/NEET.
3. Comprehensive study material
Material prepared by our subject experts covers the entire syllabus in precise point wise notes in Basic English language for better understanding.
2. Best Faculty
Our expert faculty members have years of experience and have produced many IITians and Doctors every year.
4. Upto 100% Scholarship
We have a unique scholarship exam to honor, mentor and guide IIT-JEE/NEET aspirants. They get the opportunity of upto 100% scholarship and also win cash rewards.

    The best Investment you can make is in yourself with a one to one scientifically designed mentorship program.ADVANCED FACULTY, DETAILS & EASY NOTE,

    Your Dreams and Vision are our Responsibilities; to understand them with the help Advance and Experienced Teachers, to Encourage and motivate them as True Mentors, and Lead them as your Personal Career Guide and Counselors... So, Is MINDGURUKULAM a Continuous Drills Master for your Career path.

    Years of experience in
    teaching and Mentoring.
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    Selection in IIT-JEE/ NEET till date
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    Top rank under
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    Student enrolled

    Career You're passionate about is there for youRebuild yourself into a new Character, ‘Our Support = Your Determination.’

    India's power house of IIT-JEE/NEET/Scholarship with Schooling + Coaching + Hostel under one roof, In the last 13years of Journey we have achieved 2800+ selections in top rank amongst which 87+ students rank under AIR1000 in
    Whether you are an average or a brilliant student, takes coaching or a self-study believer, MINDGURUKULAM is for all! MIND GURU is a ladder towards success where you get personalized one

    AIR – 346


    AIR 515




    AIR- 127


    Read, Visualize, Score:

    Mindgurukulam has innovative and rooted mission to acknowledge students with the fact of Science & Vedas… where in today’s era…Students miss out the raw and natural touch of knowledge, discipline, & consistence…


      If you want to make “Victory a Habit”, you can start over with change in your habits, where even small efforts can create big impacts.
      Being Doctor/engineer/business man / pilot /scientist, is not attained overnight it takes a lot of patience and continuous efforts of the student to achieve the success.

      A bright career with our simple programme

      Are you stuck in a job you don’t enjoy? Not sure which career direction to take? If you want to have a job you are passionate about, the good news is you can! Find your dream job using our proven, comprehensive 6 step program.
      STEP 1Plan
      We have a well planned program that helps students understand better.
      STEP 2Read and learn
      We have access to digital learning resources that grabs students attention and builds interest.
      STEP 3Visualize
      Students visualize and get a clear idea as to what they exactly want themselves to be in future.
      STEP 4Analysis and Test
      Occasional revisions and tests are mandatory to help students remember things better and know their progress

      MINDGURU scholar is unique exam to honor and mentor the scholar for boosting their confidence to perform better in future academic career which has been announced by “ the mindgurukulam”. Mindguru scholar is gift to society by mindgurukulam where not only the scholar , but their parents schools principle, mentors will also be honored & awarded.
      Scholarship worth rs.1.75 crore is provided for MTSE qualifying students or meritories students for class viii,ix.x,xi,xii,iit-jee, neet.
      Certificate of excellence for students who are able to score 70%and above marks in MTSE exam. Upto 100% fee waivers on tution fee as scholarship.
      Free fast track revision for current class, if student register for upcoming classes in mindgurukulam.’

      Exam detail :
      syllabus: science, maths & mental ability
      Total no question : 50 questions(NO negative marking)
      Time allotted : 60 min.

      Scholarship exam for : mindguru mentorship program for IIT-JEE | NEET | IISO | KVPY | NTSE | Found 8th, 9th, 10th.


      To acknowledge students study patterns, understanding, objective exam analysis and aptitude with MTSE. Coaching and complete Sponsorship for ENGINEERING/ MEDICAL/ ALL NATIONAL ENTRANCE EXAMS.
      We assure students with quality study material, expert guidance and 24/7 support.

      Learn from Our best Mentors and Coaches

      Build a strong foundation for Board exams, Olympiads, IIT-JEE/NEET by India's best mentors and coaches.
      Dr. Sudhiraj Verma
      Foundation builder: MKUA
      For - 7,8,9,10 appearing Students/ Targets for IJSO/NTSE/KVPY
      • > Bridge course for std- 8th,9th,10th.
      • > Increasing Scientific Temperament
      • > Mathematical Ability
      • > Reasoning & Aptitude skill
      • > Critical thinking
      • > Logical Reasoning
      Mentorship program: RANKER'S SECRET
      For 11th /12th appearing students, Foundation base for PCMB
      • Pre-conceptual preparation for KVPY/JEE (Main + Adv)/MHT-CET/NEET.
      • > Develop mathematical skills for PCMB to crack competitive exam
      • > Conceptual
      Premium - 12th Pass
      Includes 2years Fast track Revision
      • > Score 550+ in JEE/NEET
      • > All India Test Series/ Test & live Discussion .
      • > More than 10,000 Sample Question bank.
      • > Tips to Increase speed & Accuracy by National Faculty.
      • > also weekly offline sessions.

      YOUR CONSISTENCY MAKES YOU DIFFERENT ....Parents & Student:- Testimonials

      To develop competitive approach and professional life and get motif for you success.join Mind gurukulam Mentorship Program.

      Mindgurukulam seminar :Cracking weapon for JEE | NEET

      Get Top Rank or Score A+ in your Exam : Mindgurukulam

      Mindgurukulam mentorship programme for VII -XII Std.

      Everyone deserves a rewarding career!

      Achieving your career goals can lead to positive changes in all areas of your life. Coaching empowers and educates you on how to take charge of your career and achieve the success you’ve dreamed of.

      When can you visit?

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      How to get in touch?

      STUDY CENTRE: THE MINDGURUKULAM, Prime point , Opulent Central park , Pune- solapur road, manjri bk , Pune-412307

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