Mindguru Mentorship Program

Boost yourselves, plan your day with mind guru mentorship program for IIT-JEE | NEET | IISO | KVPY | NTSE | Foundation 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th .

Objective:To lay firm foundation by helping them understand basic concept of various competitive examination. Our programs are conducted every week for with topics for evolving the student’s mindset.

Conceptof the courses:

  • To get excellence in school examination as course covers the complete school syllabus.
  • Preparing students for MTSE, National/International Olympiad, KVPY and others competitive examinations conducted by various Government & NON-Government organization.
  • To make strong base of our students with the following skills: which not only helps a student to crack any competitive examination but also very important and essential factors in life of an individual to get success in any dream ambition or passion…
  1. Mathematical skills
  2. Scientific temperament
  3. Reasoning skills
  4. Intelligence quotient (IQ)
  5. Emotional quotient (EQ)
  6. Competitive quotient (CQ)

To enhance the personality & presentation skills of the students at early stage, for a successful career.


  • Mindgurukulam provides the best faculty team. Along with providing great mentoring to the student, will also give them a right direction so that the students will be able to identify their inner talent with increasing self-confidence.
  • Mindgurukulam will give new opportunities to the students which will polish their mind along with shaping their personality (i.e.; Social service camp, NGO supports, TED talk, YOUNG me, etc.,)
  • Faculty encourages positive behaviour (Behaviour: Belief + Emotion).
  • They believe in every student and help them succeed in life which is only possible because of faculties’ Approach to teaching methods.
  • The student Shines and Gains the disciplinary rituals so that the routine & lifestyle of the students stays in the right direction.
  • Faculty imbibes a great passion of Acknowledging and high standards teaching methodology they provide great Awareness in the students for the stream they chose.
  • This creates a stimulating impact on students to study harder with full attention on their goals in life. Guru plays an important role in student’s life- the empower your thoughts and fill your mind with armour.
  • They solve your doubts regarding each subject each topic clearly makes them understand the concept, which makes it crystal clear to understand.
  • Concept clarity is with practical demonstration, examples, experience.
  • Which in turn, helps them to grasp the concept more effectively with accuracy and precision.

Teaching methodology

To achieve rank in any competitive examinations there are certain requirements which needs to be fulfilled which are as followed:

  • Experienced teachers, Clear précised notes, and Continuous practice sessions. These fundamental points are mostly considered; highly qualified in well experienced teachers with a well- communication, narration and demonstration.
  • System wise these two things together increase the mental growth & success.

Only single efforts of a child cannot lead him/her towards success but a blend of Teacher’s -Parent’s efforts with the contribution of coaching system makes things possible. Along which they stay Active 24X7 and take part in co-curricular activities which improves their physical and emotional well-being.

There is no difference whether the exam pattern is subjective or objective the syllabus is completed according to the scheduled time before examinations so that children get more time to revise during exam/prelim period; including doubt sessions.



  • Advanced faculty with experience of 5-25 years, takes a 1-hour lecture of the subject including Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math’s.
  • After the lecture students are fetched with homework which develops their concept and also increases their problem-solving approach.
  • Interactive sessions with experienced faculty to build and scale up student’s knowledge, analytical skills and question solving abilities.

Board class session:

  • Board classes of 10th, 11th& 12thisconducted to teach the syllabus based on NCERT/STATE Board. This increases the subjective understanding level and also helps in scoring good marks in board examination.

DPP sheets (Daily Practice Paper):

  • Whatever is taught during the lectures, live video sessions,written and reading practice are taken in the classroom with the help of DPP sheets. This gives an idea to the students about MCQ solving, negative marking, Bounce (invalid) points in the practice sheets/actual paper.

Problem Solving Counters:

  • The problem-solving counters are organized after completion of a single topic. Student’s doubts from exercise sheets are clarified to the basic level to ensure complete preparation. Personal attention/guidance to individual student, after classes faculty members regularly are available at problem solving counters.

Homework & Assignment

  • Exercise sheets based on old/latest patterns of examination are provided for each topic. These exercise sheets give a though practice after completion of your doubt solving sessions. Where you can ensure that your preparation is complete in the particular topic.





  • Daily tests:

A daily test result reflects Presence of mind of the student during lectures.

  1. Oral tests/ Viva rounds:

Generally, students at the time of exams cannot perform well as they are unable to remember the formulas and key concepts which plays a very important part in their preparation & practice.

  1. Topic test:

Topic test provokes the students to revise the whole topic it prevents the burden to revise collectively.

  1. Assignments:

A topic-wise assignment BRINGS CLEARITY in students & develops the analysis applications and enhances their better understanding for problem.

  1. Group test:

Considering the exam temperament, the students of (PCMB) (general group), (PCB) [medical], (PCM)[engineering] are grouped together for tests.  Patterns are organized for students to teach time managing.

  1. Board test:

Considering the importance of the board exams, subjective& objective pattern practices are conducted to enhance writing speed.

  1. Interaction hours:

During interaction hours students interact with the faculty individually to improve their verbal knowledge. This interaction hour program helps students to speak up confidently regarding their core/basic issues.

  1. Discussion:

A unique way to feed /develop the knowledge is designed by our institute. Each and every test is followed by the discussion in the presence faculty.

Discussion improves the visuals, imaginations, analysis from partners and senior batches.

  1. Revisions:

The repetition of cleared/ uncleared doubts/issues for the students. Accordingly, you can improve in all subjects you are lagging behind, so that you can increase your rehearsals that lead to perfection. Rehearsal is an indicator of your preparation which alert you about your weak points.



  • Motivational session:

To eliminate the stress which is due to Huge SYLLABUS & so many SUBJECTS, to transform the negativity of a student. In these motivational classes the students are made to study also with the advantage of rooting them with the art of moral values.

  • Counseling session:

Every institute needs a counseling session which can solve each and every query of student. This session provides the student information from the start of form filling to appearing for the test as well as selection after getting a rank. Accordingly, the student is directed towards the option of choosing a college with the knowledge to understand the appropriate branch/scope.

  • Parenting session:

During preparation/exams the students feel pressured, burdened &get anxious, under so many invading thoughts of failure. Parenting- “POSITIVE Parenting” is necessary to understand these emotional, mental barriers about their children. “The key MODE at MINDGURUKULAM”

  • Study Material:

Study Material prepared by our subject experts is provided which covers the entire syllabus cleared point wise in the notes offering Basic English language for better understanding. Study material is available in English and Hindi language separately.

  • Guaranteed batch:

We not only aim at selection of our students in competitive examinations but also prepare them for securing top rank. Students who excel in their performance in our internal test series are grouped in scholar batch with need based personal attention; we explore the potential of each such student hence shaping their future to hit top rank.

  • Periodic test series & Feedback:

Periodic test series increases speed, Accuracy and develop skills to translate knowledge into performance.




  • Study Room:

These study rooms are usually assigned room which are monitored by teacher, who often motivate students to use this time to complete study, catch-up on missing assignments and study for test.

Study room is a positive step to regularize schedule as it creates an awesome environment for gradual approach to IIT-JEE | Medical study.

  • Live video Lectures:

Access over 500+ hours of video lectures 24X7 with more than 10,000 questions, discussed, covering complete syllabus for JEE/NEET preparation.500 Hours of video lectures explained by experts 60+ hours of Rankers level. Day-wise study 30-40 minute per day. Completion of full course in 9 months just studying for 4 hours a day.

Step by step explanation: Over 10,000 Questions are solved in video lecture along with the theory part.

2D and 3D Animations: Concepts explained using 2D and 3D animation.

  • Advance video Lecture:

We have created the video player by keeping students in mind; its features are according to student’s demands which look exactly like their books. Easy to use interface includes basic as well as advance features which makes your studies more interesting.

  • Auto resume – This feature intelligently allows you to repeat the video from where you left.
  • Video tagging –You can bookmark your important topics as well as questions which, you can easily play for multiple times from the list.

The speed of the video is adjustable: increased or decreased according to your viewing / hearing/ understanding experience.

  • A1 assist technology – It automatically rewinds the video & starts playing from the beginning of last few sentences or phase.
  • Reference video notes– E-Books are provided containing notes created by our experts including all theoretical syllabus; the best part is that the notes are synchronized with our video lectures so you won’t waste your time in creating unnecessary notes.
  • Day wise notes in reference to the video
  • Contains Definition, Derivations and Formulas
  • Self-assessment: Questions for students everyday
  • Class notes for students.