We are the Foundation of knowledge that will lead you to great heights of success. “This is MINDGURUKULUM!” In today’s generation every student has their own; ‘Bucket-listed’ Dreams for their future. MINDGURUKULAM brings you the platform to raise your hands and head high and walk towards your dreams. It’s a must for all to have a Mentor, coach & guide to achieve milestone in Your life, here with you is MINDGURUKULAM!

This will work as a green pitch for students. Students all over the India come here to attend MINDGURU mentorship program and they consider it as Gate way to their Success.

Established in 2009, Mind guru Education started with an objective to provide detailed, comprehensive guidance to students aspiring for competitive exams across India. This Unique idea for online and offline coaching with scientifically designed mentorship program, to help students achieve top rank in national level competition. MINDGURUKULAM is ladder to success where you get personalized one to one mentorship program.

In the last13 years of journey, TEAM MINDGURUKULAM conducted 1800+ mentorship program across India which led to uphold the target of 2800+ selection in which there are 87+ top ranks under AIR1000.